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Auto Body Painting

Our customers have always been our number one priority!

Because we care about our customers, we purchased a brand-new Global Finishing  Solutions' paint booth in the summer of 2020. Plowman's Collision now has the latest and best technology available for painting your vehicle. 

This state of the art spray booth exceeds automotive industry standards.

The control panel for the booth is equipped with Smart Technology giving our highly qualified technician he tools necessary to delivery premium results for every type of paint every time. 

Needing paint to match? No worries. We do that with precision too. 

When excellence matters, visit Plowman's Collision. We stand behind our work!

Customize Your Look

  • Color Matching

  • Dupont Computerized Paint Mixing System

  • Detailing

  • Spot Painting

  • Paint Sealing

  • Pinstriping

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